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I don't know if I like long walks on the beach as I have never tried, but I am open to the idea. I love a long hike as I find it to be very peaceful. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, so I enjoy skydiving, the firing range, ziplining, white water rafting; I would love to learn to kayak for this sport. I do appreciate the craftsmanship and power in muscle cars and choppers, but I am a sucker for the beauty and speed that sports cars and bikes offer. On the other end of the spectrum, I enjoy getting dressed up and going out to the ballet, theatre, candlelit dinners, orchestra, opera, etc..

Something that you will not know about me is that I almost drowned when I was 8 on a trip out east without my parents. Since that time, I always had a fear of water and would not go into open water higher than my waist. When I was living in the U.K. in 2008, I took up swimming lessons. Since this time, I have continued to find ways to get over my fear, one of those ways I would like to achieve this is by trying many different water sports.

I can only imagine what you are thinking right now, but my life really is not all glamour and adventure, most of these instances are rare. I am usually found with my head buried in a book, having tea with friends, at the dog park or for hike, and focusing on the business and household duties. I refocus myself with meditation and different types of energy work and look forward to each new day with love in my heart.

"Christina's passion and enthusiasm is well integrated into her practice of holistic health strategies and methods. In my time of getting to know Christina, she has displayed impeccable integrity and a strong will to continue to learn and grow in the industry. She is not only at the cutting edge of health practices, but her personal attention and drive to provide the best service to her clients is top notch."
Anthony Cheam, Burlington, Ontario.


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